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Margate is on the up

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Margate is all the rage these days. The Turner Centre and revitalisation of the Old Town kickstarted a cool that just won’t stop. The latest addition to the attractions has been the reopening of Dreamland, the seafront amusement park that was …

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Today was Bunny’s last day of term, her last day in the reception year of school, and therefore, the true end of the baby years. Year 1 is proper school in my book, with less play and more learning (I …

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Following on from last month’s battle with nature and the strong winds, over the last couple of days, nature showed a different hand. Storm-force winds in Scotland and the north, combined with unusually low pressure, caused a tidal surge to …

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Hanging with Harriet!

Last Monday evening, my Town Team colleague rang to tell me that the Labour party councillor who had expressed an interest in joining us on one of our projects, had called her to ask if she was interested in joining him …

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As mentioned in my previous post, we had a busy Bank Holiday weekend and really made the most of all the sunshine. On Saturday we took a pleasant stroll through a park, down onto the beach and along the promenade …

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