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The summer makes it so much easier to capture beautiful photos of you two playing and enjoying life. The light from the sun casts interesting shadows… …the landscape provides a great backdrop. And your smiles as you have fun infect …

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The two of you can be so cheeky and when you laugh at succeeding to dodge my wrath, I can’t help but join in. And then, the two of you interact in a way that just melts my heart. Sisters. …

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Sometimes the photos really do speak a thousand words. It’s amazing how the camera can capture your personalities so accurately. And it’s also incredible how different you both are, despite essentially being the same.

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Your sister will always be there to lift you up. And tell the wall you just banged your head against off for hurting you before giving you big hugs and kissing it better. And she’ll run with you when a …

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A sunny day, a round clifftop shelter and an impromptu game of photo pop-up garnered squeals of laughter from all of us and photos to treasure for all time.

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Seeing your joy as you run around, exploring your grandparents’ home country makes my heart glow. I hope that travel and adventure will always give you this much excitement!

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