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What is my word of the week this week?…. Well, we had a wonderful holiday last weekend and lots of firsts as a family, including swimming together in the pool there, going to shows and even a pantomime and staying …

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Bunny and Bear, I had high hopes that you’d both find something to enjoy on our first proper family holiday. What I didn’t expect were the near constant smiles and laughter we got. In fact, so much happiness, there wasn’t …

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It’s half term, and we’re going to Butlins today. So what other word could I use to sum up my week than Last weekend, my parents were over from France and my sisters were about too. ¬†We went to the …

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Week two of the Easter break and for once it feels like I’ve actually had some: We’ve had some boring things to do, but most of the week has been spent together, having fun as a family, getting out together, …

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A week of sunshine, of time together. No worries, nowhere to be. Holidays with my girls are the best thing ever. Precious shared memories created forever.

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We’re just back from our holiday at my parents’ house in France. So of course, this week’s word has to be: We had such a lovely week. From first trips on massive cross channel ferries, overnight stays in hotels, picnics, …

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