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I may be late to join the party, but I couldn’t let today’s headline news that women in selected parts of the country are going to be rewarded with shopping vouchers for continuing to breastfeed pass without comment. Anyone who …

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On Sunday, I made the difficult decision to stop feeding Bear overnight, having had another sleepless night of multiple feeds from my now 2 year old.  She eats really well during the day and quite often finishes her older sister’s …

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A celebration of my breastfeeding journeys

There are many breastfeeding myths and this final post in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding week series is going to try and address some of them. 1. Mum doesn’t have enough milk This is one of the most common that I …

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When I first set out on my breastfeeding journey with Bunny, I had no idea how long I would continue for or indeed if I’d want to.  In fact, there were many, many times that I didn’t, but the support …

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  When I made the decision to breastfeed, I had never heard of expressing milk or pumping.  However, with an extended stay in hospital post-birth, I was there when my milk first came in.  And did it come in!!  I …

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Following on from yesterday’s post about the importance of breastfeeding support, today I wanted to write a bit about nursing in public (also known as NIP in social media parlance). If you don’t support nursing in public, you don’t support …

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