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We were treated to some more Spring-like weather during the second part of the half-term break and made the most of all the free time to get outside and enjoy it and give the dog some new smells to explore. …

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Well actually, less a walk and more a dance with lots of singing as we went! Despite all of the bad weather the country’s been suffering recently, our little corner of the world hasn’t had it too bad. So last …

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This week, we’ve made it to the beach a couple of times while the sun has been shining. Bunny insisted on running along the top of the sandy sea defence so I walked carefully behind with Bear and we spotted …

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Christmas is over, my family have all gone home and we’re back to being just the four of us. Plus a puppy! The sun came out, the wind dropped and the fresh air was calling. It was time to take …

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Big puddles!

I’ve been meaning to buy the girls a kite for a while now, so when I spotted a basic one in the reduced section at the supermarket, I was very excited. The next day was sunny and breezy but fairly …

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The views from Fowlmead

Despite returning to work on Wednesday, more amazing weather and the unexpected visit from my parents has given the week an extended holiday feel. We’ve been doing some radical gardening, pruning the fruit trees, harvesting the fruit, and of course …

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