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I missed last week’s Word of the Week, but if I’d had time my word probably would have been cold. And this week’s word is related to that, even though we’ve had some warmer days too. But with just days …

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As leaves fall, so does my mood

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 November challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Elveden Forest in Suffolk. Whinfell Forest’s resident nature expert and Conservation Ranger (what a fantastic sounding job!), Emma Tapp …

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A windy walk in the country

As I mentioned earlier this week, our half term break didn’t begin well, but we managed to make the most of it anyway. We started the holiday by joining my sister and her husband for lunch in a country pub …

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Activity stations, painting and scavenger hunting

After a week of school and work, weekends have to be about having fun together as a family. And this weekend, it was a lot about that! Every year, the first weekend of October plays host to a local food …

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Our garden is showing lots of signs of autumn now. There are spiders everywhere! Berries of all colours are spreading across the bushes. I’m a philistine when it comes to berries, so if anyone can enlighten me, I would be …

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Herein begins the final week of the summer holidays and for the first time in my adulthood, I have that sense of dread, of sadness of those moments passing by, never to be repeated. Working in a school has meant …

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