The Gallery: Sun and Surprise Visitors

The Gallery: Sun and Surprise Visitors
Viking Bay in Broadstairs looking more like it should in mid-July

On Friday, the sun came out and as usual, when the sun shines, the visitors from London come out of the woodwork, keen to escape the oppressive heat of the city.  First I heard from my school friend who was coming down to stay with her mum for the weekend and wanted to know if we fancied meeting up at the beach with the children on Saturday afternoon?

Then my sister emailed to see if we were free to do something if she came down too.  I didn’t tell the girls as I wanted her visit to be a surprise, plus I can never be certain that plans won’t change at the last minute.

child playing in water

Bunny enjoys a chance to cool down

On Saturday morning, we headed over to the old folk’s home to pop in and give my great uncle some little presents on his 92nd birthday and for him to “see” the girls (he’s blind so can’t really see them see them).  Then we went to the supermarket and got some provisions in for the weekend ahead.  My sister is dairy intolerant so I had to think a bit about what we could eat but it wasn’t too hard really.

children playing

Playing Petrol Lady!

After a quick lunch, the girls and I grabbed the beach bag with buckets, spades, towels, hats and UV suits and headed to the beach to meet my very pregnant school friend and her son.  We built sandcastles and paddled in the sea, although Bunny and my friend’s son were happy to get a little more wet than we were!  We dried off and had ice creams and a really good catch up.  Her second baby is due in just a few weeks, so it was strange to say goodbye knowing that next time we meet she’ll have two children!

We brushed off the sand and headed home and the girls had their dinner while I went to the station to pick up our surprise visitor.  When my sister walked into the kitchen, the girls were so excited, they were jumping up and down yelling!  It was lovely to see their reaction!

child on sunlounger

Stealing the sunlounger from me!

After they’d finished eating, we headed into the garden and the girls had a last play, showing off their jumping and swinging skills to their auntie.  Then we got them ready for bed and their special visitor read them a couple of bedtime stories.

Once the girls were asleep, we chowed down on a lovely Chinese takeaway and had a good gossip before eventually heading to bed.

Summer Barbecue

Checking on the sausages

After breakfast, we all headed into the garden and enjoyed some water play, imaginative play and relaxing on the sunlounger in the really warm sunshine.

Child with scooter

Safe scootering!

On Sunday morning, my poor sister was rudely awoken by Bunny who, finding us sleeping, headed downstairs to the living room to play.  Unfortunately, my sister was on the sofa in there so was coerced to join in!  This did mean we got a little bit of a lie in while auntie entertained the little people!

Viking Bay Brodstairs

Viking Bay in Broadstairs looking more like it should in mid-July

We had a traditional barbecue lunch and then walked (and scootered) into Broadstairs to wonderful scenes of a summer’s day by the seaside.  My sister treated us all to ice creams from Morelli’s ice cream parlour (I had the strawberry shortcake which I’d definitely recommend and my sister had an apple sorbet which was lots nicer than I expected!).

Child playing in park with aunt

Bunny and her auntie have a last play

All too soon, it was time for my sister to head back to London and for us to head home for tea.  A wonderful, sunny weekend over but great to see two special people and have the girls not only recognise them, but actively want to spend time with them!

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8 comments on “The Gallery: Sun and Surprise Visitors
  1. what a lovely picture story.

    The way hot suny weekends should be 🙂

  2. TheBoyandMe says:

    What a perfect time in the sun, this is what Summer is all about! Love the sprinkler fun photograph!

  3. A perfect sunny weekend, sounds wonderful, and the photos tell the story brilliantly. #TheGallery

  4. Your beach looks divine, we have one but no sand, would love sand! Great story telling photos x

    • Faded Seaside Mama says:

      The sand here is amazing and makes such a difference. Although it does also get in EVERYTHING!!

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