Herein begins the final week of the summer holidays and for the first time in my adulthood, I have that sense of dread, of sadness of those moments passing by, never to be repeated. Working in a school has meant a return to the summer break of my childhood days, long weeks stretching out before us, to be filled with fun, with excitement, with adventure. And then, as abruptly as they start, they come to an end.

child playing with sand

Sandplay will be swapped for snowangels

But, as a child, this is a time to embrace the change in seasons, in activity and see the shorter days, the falling leaves for the new adventures that come with them. We will swap kicking barefoot in the sand for kicking through rusty leaves in welly boots. As the months roll on, we will build snowmen instead of sandcastles. We will hunt for conkers and pine cones not crabs. And of course, on the sunny days, we can still visit the beach, be swept along by the wind, running along damp sand, collecting chalky cliff fall to draw pictures on the ground when we get home, warming up with a hot drink and some cake before heading back out to catch the fading moments of the day.

This year, we’ll get a kite and run along the gallops watching it soar in the sky above us, jumping to see if we can touch it. We can have lazy days at home, learning to cook, learning to read, opening up a whole new world of magic and wonder. We can have movie days with popcorn and milkshakes. And we will visit the library, friend’s houses, the zoo, the art gallery, softplay.  We can have road trips to visit family in London and explore museums and galleries and aquariums.  We can have indoor picnics, spreading the food across the floor and picking as we would on a sunny beach or in a warm field in the summer.

The summer may be almost over, but life with my girls is still in its infancy and the wonder of their world will infect my sadness of the closing of another chapter, willing me to get started on the next.  I don’t like the autumn and the winter and their interminable greyness, but I will make the most of every day with my family and we will create our own sunshine to fill them.

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4 comments on “Sunset
  1. Lesley says:

    What a lovely story, you have many years ahead of you to enjoy, winters too. I got myself and the kids salopettes and we go out in all weathers, rain, sleet, snow and never get cold or wet.

  2. What a lovely post! I don’t like the winter either, but it’s nice to see it in a more positive light. As my kids are older we have no free time, we are tied to rugby and football at weekends, as well as dance lessons in the week. Doing all those different things sounds way more exciting!

    • Ha ha! With school looming, I am sure we have all that ahead. But for now, our free time is ours to do as we please and fill however we can. I hope it’s with fun and that this never becomes a chore.

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