Stress vs Pregnancy

So it seems that being stressed closely resembles the symptoms of pregnancy.

I’m so tired, yet can’t sleep. And when I do, my dreams are vivid and crazy. I wake up feeling sick and spend the day on the edge of nausea, fighting it away by eating constantly. Which of course inevitably leads to more weight gain than is healthy.

And then there’s the emotions. All the emotions. From wobbling on the verge of tears, to insatiable anger.

And everything on hold. Waiting for that date, in the not too distant future, that seems forever away.

But the difference is, there’s no lovely reward at the end of this. Because a salary that barely scratches 5 figures is not really a reward, it’s survival.

I want to click my heels and fly away from all this. I want to scoop my girls up in my arms and hold them tightly for more than half an hour two days a week. I just want this over and am screaming silently but louder and louder at only being halfway through.

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3 comments on “Stress vs Pregnancy
  1. hazelscott says:

    Sorry you’re going through this, but it won’t be forever. It just feels like it sometimes. I hope you find a way of seeing more of your girls soon x

  2. Don Wood says:

    Sorry you are feeling like this, nothing or say or do can change a jot but just to let you know my heart goes out for you. I wish I could help but all I can say is it will get better and half term is next week. XXX Don

  3. Grenglish says:

    Stress is awful. I have been there, working all the time and feeling stuck on a hamster wheel that never stops turning. I hope your situation resolves itself soon and meanwhile hang in there, it will sort itself out. It always does.

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