8 comments on “Silent Sunday 03/03/13
  1. hpmcq says:

    start them early! hopefully get to see one of those in next weeks silent sunday perhaps?

  2. cosmicgirlie says:

    NEVER TOO YOUNG. *Nods approvingly*

  3. The camera looks huge next to her little face.

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    love this, are you giving lessons?

    • mummysallygg says:

      We give her pointers, but when we see how she treats her own kiddizoom camera, we’re somewhat loathe to let her loose on our decent one! No harm in encouraging her to try occasionally though!

  5. Brilliant. I am still far too precious about my camera to let Bibs anywhere near it. Need. To. Relax.

  6. Notmyyearoff says:

    Say cheeeese!! She looks like a pro! 🙂

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