15 comments on “Silent Sunday 14/09/14
  1. It looks so lovely and empty 🙂 I see the dog is going mad!

  2. jollyjillys says:

    lol i love that picture. The way you got the dog just at the second of leaping is great.

  3. Louise says:

    Lovely beach photo – love the way you’ve managed to capture the dog jumping in the air. Fabulous shot 🙂

  4. The capture of the dog is brilliant! Hope you were all having a lovely outing x

  5. Oana79 says:

    This pictures speaks freedom.Beautiful!

  6. Honest Mum says:

    Love this shot, is it by the Yorkshire coast?

  7. Flying dog alert! Excellent!!

  8. Great action shot – one very happy dog! Mine love a trip to the beach too.

  9. Doubtfulmum says:

    Oh LOVE the dog mid flight. How lovely!

  10. Now that is one happy pup!

  11. great action shot! hope you had a lovely day x

  12. Jaime Oliver says:

    OMG i am loving this action shot of the dog .. mid bound! fantastic x

  13. Pink skirts in one direction. Dog flying in the other. This is a fabulous beach shot! #SilentSunday

  14. Kate Holmes says:

    Noticed the pink skirts first and then wonder dog. Beautiful image – looks like a very lovely place to be

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