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I don’t think I’m very unusual when I admit that I love shopping and now I’ve got two little girls to shop for as well, I could spend a fortune and a lot of time out and about buying bits for them. However, on my salary, I don’t exactly have a lot to spare so need to be really careful about what I buy. And anyone with children will know that taking kids shopping is hardly a fun experience.

This means that I love online shopping. No cold weather to suffer, parking issues or moany kids. So I’m always on the lookout for new online shops, especially if they have special offers on.  With Bunny’s birthday approaching soon, I’ve been hunting for low cost Converse trainers as they are great for Spring and look great with funky dresses.

And as luck might have it, right now, there is free delivery on a £50 spend at Get the Label via which means that I can buy a few items without having to worry about how much extra will be added on to receive them, including some gorgeous (and cheap!) pastel Converse trainers for her.

Now we just need Spring to hurry up and get here!

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