Radical Reward Charts Update Day 12

Radical Reward Charts Update Day 12
Eleven days, and up to 8

We’re onto the twelfth day using the Radical Reward chart to attempt to improve some of Bunny’s more challenging behaviour, so how’s it going?

Actually a lot better than I’d expected!

The first day she was unsurprisingly full of enthusiasm for it and even beginning to mention it at the sign of defiant behaviour was enough to stop her in her tracks.  On day two, we had such a busy day and lots of fun that there was no need to even mention it.  On day three, she had a few close calls but was mostly very good. Again, lots of attention from visiting family and friends probably helped!  On day four, we had another busy day, but she was with her best friends for most of it, so was in a good mood and therefore being lovely again.

Angry child

Don’t make me angry!

Then day five. A day at home to get over the busy days we’d just had.  I had to go out to do some voluntary work for our town team, so the girls stayed at home with their mum.  When I got home (unfortunately, a lot later than expected), I was regaled with tales of pinching and hitting her sister, defiance, and even hitting her mum and screaming at her.  Oh dear.

Day six and another long morning for me rushing around trying to sort things out for Bear’s birthday which meant another quiet morning at home with her mum and sister.  And another morning of bad behaviour, defiance and rudeness.

Now, I know that my wife is easily wound up and Bunny is inordinately good at this, seeming to know just which buttons to press to provoke a reaction.  This may be the reason that her behaviour on both the mornings I was out was so bad, but I also think she was incredibly tired after a series of non-stop days and late nights. Reasoning with a tired four year old is never a simple affair!

On day seven, we went out for the day for her sister’s birthday and had lots of fun again.  She had her nanna and granpa there too so was guaranteed lots of attention which always goes a long way to helping promote good behaviour and even when she started to flag later in the day, remained reasonable and tantrum-free.

Day eight and another busy day ahead with a friend’s son’s birthday party followed almost immediately afterwards with her sister’s birthday party.  And yet another day of good behaviour.

On Sunday and we decided on a quiet day at home and I think she was so tired she didn’t even have the energy to play up! So another good day!

Tired child cuddling

Tired cuddles with Nanna

On day nine, we had to do some boring tasks, including the supermarket shop and despite still being tired, she was amazingly compliant and non-complaining. We had lunch out with her grandparents who then came over for the afternoon and there were lots of cuddles with nanna and again no bad behaviour.  The promise of an exciting day out with her best friend the next day also helped with the difficult bedtime hour and another day passed with a positive result. Up to number 8 on the chart and just two more successful days away from a mini-treat to motivate her.

Unfortunately, Tuesday started badly and continued in the same vein with many meltdowns, some ultra-defiance and incredible rudeness.  Her grumpiness even resulted in making her best friend cry at home time which was a sad way to end what should have been a fun day.  We were having fun, she was with her best friend and getting lots of treats so this behaviour can only be attributed to extreme tiredness again. We’ve got a few quiet days planned, so hopefully will get back on track now.

Radical Reward Chart progress

Eleven days, and up to 8

So out of 11 days, she’s had 3 bad ones, and all as a result of extreme tiredness.  Today started with some tantrums from both of the girls, but they have calmed down now and I’m hopeful that a quiet day at home will result in another success.

When she is lovely, Bunny is awesome.  She is a delight to have around and I feel so lucky to have such a great little person in my life. In fact, the lines of the nursery rhyme could have been written for her:

When she was good, she was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.

I will report back soon, hopefully with news of lots more successes and a swift rise up her Radical Reward chart. Her enthusiasm hasn’t waned so I think we are onto a winner!

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