Preschooler Bunny

Bunny has now started attending morning sessions at the nursery attached to the local primary school.  This has meant that for the first time in my life, I am doing the school run!  Having to get up and be out of the house by 8.30 has certainly been a shock to the system, especially after long nights feeding the Bear and having very little sleep.  The hardest part though is deciding what to wear!  Bunny is fine as she has a uniform, but for me, it’s much harder!  The shoes need to be comfortable for the 30 minute return walk, the clothes need to be warm enough for autumnal mornings, but I don’t want to look like a loser, nor do I want to be a “yummy mummy”.  Especially as I’ve discovered that I appear to know a lot more of the parents also doing the school run than I realised!  It’s not like going to work, where you have the “Office Uniform” as straying down that route skates very close to yummy mummy territory.  But I am nearly 40, so I have to be a little bit careful not to end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb too.  I have a very defined officewear style, but am really struggling with my casual, everyday look.  The summer is fine as I can wear dresses, skirts or shorts with flip flops but come autumn, I get totally lost and so often return to my tried and tested formalwear.  And then there is make up and hair to consider!  On the days I don’t have to wash it, it’s fine, but there isn’t time to wash and dry my hair beforehand so I inevitably end up tying it back in some style or another, but again, have to be so careful not to look like a stereotype!

The School Run

But enough about me!  Bunny has been loving her time so far!  She has made friends with some of the children already, and will mention the same names again and again.  And I’m glad to hear that they are doing the same about her!  Compared to the nursery she attended for a term before the summer, this class is a lot more structured and formal.  Each morning, while we are waiting to collect the children, their teacher comes into the foyer and gives us a summary of the morning’s activities and quite often some advice on dealing with some of their more challenging behaviour.

Ready for Preschool

I am certain that she will come on a long way in the next year as she learns through structured play. Her confidence is already much better than it was and she has said some very amusing things in the last few days: “I really must congratulate myself on the choice!” being one of them (in response to dessert she chose)!

I feel a little bit strange about being part of the system already, especially as a big part of me would love to homeschool, but I think more than anything, at her age, play is so important and having other children her age to bounce off is crucial. I hope that it is the right thing to do and that she continues to thrive.  Only time will tell….

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