Penguin vs Hedgehog

As I have come to discover, it’s World Book Day next week and that means that I have to make a costume for Bunny to wear to nursery.  They have been asked to choose their favourite animal character from a book.   When we were first told about it, Bunny said she wanted to go as the hedgehog from The Special Blankie.  My heart sunk.  I’ve never made a costume before so starting with something so difficult, was more than a challenge.

Fortunately, the next time I asked her, she’d changed her mind and decided on the penguin from And Tango Makes Three.  Hooray!  I can do that surely?!  The next time I asked, it was still a penguin.  And the next time, and the time after that too.  So I’ve been out and got various bits and pieces to make a penguin costume.

I just asked Bunny to try the top on so that I could measure the white material for the front bib and she stamped her foot and told me that she was going as a hedgehog.  I said, “No, a penguin.”

“No!  A hedgehog!”

Now what?!  How on earth do I make a hedgehog costume with no creative skill whatsoever?  Any suggestions?

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