Our Cloth Bum Ways

I’m not sure which of us made the decision, but at some point, we decided to go with cloth nappies for our children.  We bought some Bambino Mio prefolds that we found locally as well as some seconds to try.  Then Bunny arrived and was tiny – too small for any of the nappies or wraps we had, so to start with, we reluctantly used the free disposables we’d been given in various promotional packs (wife was also a little bit freaked out by the nappies rubbing against the umbilical cord stump so was quite glad of the excuse I think!).

Eventually, she was big enough to fit some of the gorgeous cloth nappies we had waited patiently to try.  From Mother-Ease Sandy’s to Nature Babies Diddy Diapers and Easy Peasy Bimbles, there was just something too adorable about a cloth bum baby!

Cloth nappy diaper baby

My Cute Little Cloth Bum Bunny

We bought 5 Sandys and 10 Bimbles secondhand for £35 and found the Sandys to be bombproof against breastmilk poo!  I personally loved the look and feel of the Bimbles and Diddy Diapers though.  We then bought some Terry squares and some microfibre and bamboo Little Lambs sized nappies.   Of all the nappies we’ve had these have always been my favourite – they were so soft and looked gorgeous.  We also had to buy more wraps to fit her – the Mother-Ease poppered Air Flow wraps seemed to fit best although our white ones were a bit plain looking compared to some of the options available now!

By this time we were addicted!  We also got some Tots Bots Cottons and some secondhand Easy Peasy Bumbles as she got bigger and these, alongside the Terry squares and a Tots Bots Easyfit V2 saw her through to potty training just past 2 years old.  At this point, we tried some Bright Bots trainer pants, but didn’t find they worked very well with a little girl who didn’t just have small accidents, but full on wees!

At night, we used some Ella’s House bum huggers and are still using some FuzziBunz we were given to avoid bed-wetting accidents (fortunately few and far between these days!).

With Bear, we obviously use a lot of what we already had, but she grew much faster than her sister and we were seeing what other cloth nappy mums were using at groups we went to and began to get some serious nappy-envy.  So we’ve bought lots of lovely Tots Bots EasyFits V2 and  were lucky enough to win a Nature Girl V3 which is beyond brilliant!  Unfortunately, some of the airflow wraps stopped working so we invested in new Tots Bots (fantastic and durable) and Bummis (super-cute with daisies and ladybirds all over it) wraps.

Bummis Whisper Wrap

Bummis Wrap

At night, we use boosted Terry squares with a Disana wool soaker.  This has been the best discovery ever!  Not only is it super-cute, but it is also incredibly absorbent and keeps her leak-free even on her wettest nights.  I only wish we’d known about the wonders of wool sooner: it lets her skin breathe (great for nappy rash and eczema or sensitive skin) but is also a great insulator for colder nights.  I really have become a massive advocate of wool and tell everyone about it.  We managed to persuade a knitty friend to knit some soakers for the nappy library and I know we’ll be buying one from her just as soon as they’re ready!

Disana wool soaker

Bear Rocking her Disana Wool Soaker

Alongside the cloth nappies, we use washable wipes to clean dirty bottoms – we bought a pack that have terry/flannel on one side and fleece on the other for more sensitive areas and we pat dry with some mini muslins we were given when Bunny was born.  We use only water nowadays but have used chamomile tea in the past to help soothe sore bottoms.

Little Lamb washable bamboo breast pads are my other “cloth complement” – why would I use something disposable against my sensitive nipples when I advocate using cloth for my children?!  These are AMAZING!  They are thin and soft but ultra-absorbent and I’ve never had any leaks despite a strong let-down.  They are also available in black which is wonderful as I don’t always wear white bras!  Of all the products I recommend to new mums, these are top of my list.  There is nothing I have found that even comes close and the price is brilliant when compared with the cost of disposables.

In our nearly 4 years of using cloth nappies, I would say that two-part systems seem to work best for breastfed babies, and especially with heavy wetters!  Wool is incredible.  Finally, don’t invest in too many size 0 nappies as your tiny newborn really does grow out of them quickly.  But the tiny nappies are irresistible – ours are being used for Bunny’s dolls now and I still love seeing the tiny shapes scattered around her bedroom floor!

If you have a baby and want to try cloth, get along to a cloth nappy library or meet (sometimes known as nappucinos) and have a look at all the different options.  Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back and it’s never too late to start!

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2 comments on “Our Cloth Bum Ways
  1. Meg Horton says:

    Lovely post! We’re cloth bummers here too (but not wipes yet, Husbands not ready for that yet!) my favourites are Rumparooz, they do gorgeous prints and keep my little man dry for hours 🙂

    • mummysallygg says:

      I love that there is so much choice now – if I was starting my family again, I know we’d have such a variety of nappies! Washable wipes really aren’t that scary – in fact I find the flannel is good for getting some of the tougher bits off!

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