Help! I’m Not a Pushy Mother!

Pushy parents – they’re the bread and butter of parenting and we’re all guilty of it occasionally. Aren’t we?

Well actually, no. I don’t think I am. I desperately want my girls to succeed at whatever they turn their hands to, but can’t really be bothered to do much to nudge them forward. If they’re going to do it, they’ll do it by themselves. I hope!

first swimming lesson

For example, Bunny started swimming lessons in May. This week she almost swam properly, unaided. In the time she’s been having her weekly half hour lessons, guess how many times I’ve taken her swimming beyond that? Yep. None! And we live by the sea so almost have no excuse in the summer (other than it being too cold to venture in). It’s on my to do list though. Like everything.

At her ‘Pupil Progress Check’ this week, her teacher told us she was doing ok. Yes, just ok. She was keeping up, but…! Her writing needs a lot of extra effort, her maths is sloppy and her reading is on target for her age group.

reading a book

Afterwards, we flicked through her work that had been left outside for us to see and over and over again were the comments “you need to finish this” and “try harder”. There was a lump in my throat as I realised that by taking the approach that she was too young to be worrying about ‘homework’ outside of school, I may have inadvertently failed her at an important time in her development.

Writing Left Handed

Don’t get me wrong, she does the homework that’s sent home with her – a reading book each day and then some maths and writing tasks over the weekend (which already feels like a lot for a 5 year old). But I don’t push her and we just get it done. Perhaps I should be encouraging her to write and think about numbers more.

Writing Right Handed

Her writing is worrying, but she is still deciding if she is right or left handed! This morning I watched as she ate her breakfast cereal with the spoon in her left hand as if it was the most normal thing in the world. And to her it is. But when you don’t have a dominant hand, how can you hone a skill such as writing?

reading to herself

Her reading is going well though – she just seems to suddenly get it. And I’m a little surprised that they deem her to be just on target as she is reading everything she can these days. With no pushing from me. Including my tweets, texts and WhatsApp messages – which can sometimes be awkward!

So now I’m thinking it might be time to be a little more proactive in her education. In fact, in both her and her sister’s. As she kissed me goodnight, Bear asked if I would help her with her writing. Nothing like a call to arms from a three year old to motivate you into action after all!

I want to encourage Bunny to start writing little stories and am hunting for a lovely A5 notepad for her to do that in. But I have no idea about the maths stuff. How do you make numbers fun? I hate them so am completely clueless! Any advice?