No More Nursery

No more nursery

Today, Bunny and Bear’s school broke up for the summer. This meant that it was also Bear’s final session at the nursery attached to the school before she starts in reception there in September. As she isn’t four until next weekend, it seemed all the more bizarre to think that there is no more nursery for my baby anymore.

As usual, we got creative with our teacher thank you gifts – I tend to believe in getting the girls involved in the present making and Bunny and I had some fun looking through Pinterest for some ideas. This year, she chose an owl chocolate wrapper for her (male) teacher that used the play on words “Owl Miss You” – something she’s been learning about in her reading books – and some chocolate flowers for her other teacher and the nursery staff.

pirate ship wagon

I already had some green sticks left over from when I turned our festival wagon into a pirate ship for the day for Bear’s nursery Pirate Party – the girls enjoyed travelling to school in style that day and loved all the attention it garnered! I cut them into smaller sizes and then cut out some rudimentary flower shapes using cardboard.

sorting sweet shapes

I then emptied two boxes of chocolates into a bowl and asked Bear to pick out all of the round ones and any triangular ones. Then we stuck the ends down with tape and arranged them into groups of four for the petals.

card flowers on sticks

I stuck the card onto the sticks with a glue gun and then we stuck the chocolates onto the petals and a final, contrasting one in the middle. Coupled with some tissue paper flowers and a pretty glass vase, they made a fun gift that solved the flowers or chocolate dilemma! In my hurry to get them out the door unscathed though I forgot to take any photos of the finished project which was silly, but they looked cute if a little odd!

For Bunny’s teacher, we used some coloured card, folded around a stack of his favourite sweets and then stuck some large circles coloured in brown onto the top and then two smaller white circles onto the bottom of these followed by a googly eye onto each white disc. With an orange beak shape stuck in between, we had a perfect owl. Bunny wrote “Owl miss you” at the bottom and I tied some pretty string around the middle in case the glue didn’t hold.

This morning, I dropped Bunny off at the school gate first and then went round to the nursery with Bear to help her give her teachers the gifts. They were already drowning in fantastic presents by the time we arrived, but I’m not looking to be competitive with the presents, I just want them to know their work has been appreciated and give the girls a chance to show how far they’ve come in their time with them.

Nursery teachers

As Bear was only in for an hour, I waited by the school gates with the other nursery mums and we had a good gossip while enjoying amazing cupcakes made by one of the very talented mums and making plans for the summer ahead. And then it was time to go in and say our last goodbyes to the nursery team. One of the mums had the brilliant idea of getting a photo with her daughter and the teachers, so of course, we all jumped in wanting the same.

Having had both my girls start their school careers at the nursery with the same staff, it felt very strange to be saying goodbye for the final time, knowing that we will never again make the detour to head along the nursery path beyond the main school gates. We really could not have asked for a better start for the girls as their time at the nursery has been outstanding (to put it in Ofsted terminology) and I’ve been really lucky in getting to make some incredible new friends that I hope will stay with me throughout the girls’ school years and beyond.

Starting nursery

Next week, Bear will turn four and then when she goes back to school she will be a tiny little schoolgirl. How is this even possible, when it feels like she only just started nursery??!!

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