Night Weaning

On Sunday, I made the difficult decision to stop feeding Bear overnight, having had another sleepless night of multiple feeds from my now 2 year old.  She eats really well during the day and quite often finishes her older sister’s food, so while I accept she has a good appetite, I don’t think she is hungry at night, more that it is a comfort thing and definitely a habit.

So, we decided to do the usual bedtime routine of getting her ready for bed and then coming downstairs to have a quiet feed and cuddle until she falls asleep and then we’ll put her down in her bed.  When she wakes in the night, we’ll bring her through to our bed and I’ll give her a quick cuddle to settle her and then go through and sleep in her bed.  If she wakes after that, she can have water and a cuddle with mum but there isn’t milk available for her.

The first night, as we didn’t arrive home from LolliBop until gone 22.00 and she was already asleep, I did let her have a feed when she woke up at 1am, but then went through to her room once she was falling back to sleep.  She did wake again around 5am and was pretty upset not to have milk available, but eventually had some water and cuddled mum back to sleep and didn’t wake up until after 7am.

Night two and she went to bed as usual, but when she joined us at around 11pm, I didn’t offer milk, just a cuddle and she went back to sleep.  I went through to her bed and she woke again at about 1am and yet again, was quite upset not being able to have milk but was calmed with water and a cuddle from mum like the previous night.

Night three and the same routine.  Except, this time she didn’t wake until 5.45!  This is not like her at all and I’ll admit to lying awake worrying for a while at one point!  When she did come through, as it was so near to morning, I gave her a quick feed and encouraged her to go back to sleep again, which she eventually did until past 8am!

We’re off to watch fireworks tonight, so she’ll have another late bedtime so we’ll see how it goes, but so far, it hasn’t been too painful for anyone and she also still asks for milk at other times which I was a little concerned she might stop doing, and I don’t think I really wanted breastfeeding to end completely just yet!

Watch this space!