New Year’s Eve: An Adult Affair

So the big night is upon us and for the first time since having children, we have babysitters and the option to do something with the evening! The girls will go to my parents’ which means we’re free to do anything we like. Which means we haven’t a clue what to do!

All of our friends also have children, but don’t have babysitters so can’t come out, and our friendships haven’t quite reached the point of visiting each other at home for this sort of occasion.

We don’t have much money for a big night out so can’t afford the inevitable marked up meal in a restaurant and even drinks prices make a long evening in a pub prohibitive.

So, we’re going to drop the kids off, come home and have a nice meal, just the two of usĀ  – you know: eat hot food uninterrupted by toilet trips, cutting up food into tinier pieces, picking up forks and cups thrown on the floor in frustration, etc!

Then we’ll have some ‘us’ time, before wrapping up warm and walking into town. We may pop in on a friend who’s on her own with her kids en route as she’s having a tough time and might appreciate some company for a quick drink.

There are fireworks on the beach at 22.30 (due to problems with high tides at midnight), so we’ll work our way down via the many pubs for that, and then find somewhere friendly and warm for the final countdown. Knowing Bear though, that will be back at my parents’ house!

Whatever you’re up to, have a lovely time and hold those special to you close. I’d love to know what you’re doing, so please comment below!

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