New Year, New Countdown

Goodbye 2014

As I gratefully wave goodbye to 2014, I look ahead to 2015 with some trepidation. While I’m certain it cannot possibly be any worse than last year, some of the changes that were set in motion now have to come to their finale. And that is scary.

the big 4-0

On top of this, I also turn 40 in three months. It’s a milestone. A big one. I remember my dad turning 40 and being impressed by how old he was. But also by how big the celebrations were!

Butlins Deckchair

I still have no idea how I’ll celebrate mine, or even if I want to. I have a hen weekend at Butlins planned for the fortnight before and will probably merge my celebrations into that. After all, I’ll be with some of my favourite friends and it is going to be awesomeness incorporated. But will it be enough?

I also have to address some of the sadness that is polluting my life. During the last month of 2014, I courted danger at every opportunity and didn’t once trip over it. So I now have to court some positivity and to do that means I need to rid myself of anything that is negative.

My censors won’t allow me to go into detail here about what that is, but as I gradually, tentatively, claw back my life, I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of the steps with you.

Happy New Year 2015

So here’s to a great, life reinforcing 2015 for all of you. I should have it all, and I am going to work damn hard to make sure I do. Please join me on the journey!

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2 comments on “New Year, New Countdown
  1. Happy New Year 🙂 Hope 2015 goes to plan!

  2. Ruth says:

    Good luck with everything you set out to do in 2015! I think we all need to rid ourselves of negativity in order to achieve what we want. I’ll be working on that too.

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