Friday – CD24 – 2ww -9

Woke up this morning and couldn’t remember any dreams again.  This is weird for me cos I always dream!  Had some night sweats as well and my temperature was really high again.

Have been feeling a bit sick all day today too which is very unlike me – I thought it was because I was hungry to start with, but then I had breakfast and it seemed to get worse.  It’s not so bad now, but I still feel a bit queasy.  Like I need some crisps or bread.

And the pain in my side really isn’t getting any better.  Even standing is starting to pull at it now and I cannot cross my legs anymore.  We had a bit of a feel of my abdomen last night and some of the glands did feel slightly more prominent than on the other side.  I am starting to really worry about it now and it’s completely putting me off doing a medicated cycle next time.  After all, if this is the result of a simple HCG shot, what will a whole month of drugs do to my insides?

And obviously, I’ve realised that whatever is causing the pain is almost certainly not down to being pregnant.  And is probably making it even more unlikely that I am.  So a little bit fed up about it and just hoping that it isn’t anything serious, or likely to impact on my next cycle of treatment.

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