My Sister Got Hitched!

The Happy CoupleFinally the big day arrived!  After months of excitement (with a few recent weeks of stress for all involved in the preparations), it was Saturday 20 October at last.  The day my sistr would stop being just my baby sister and become someone’s wife.  And that someone really is the perfect partner for her.  They met at work 7 long years ago, not long after I started there myself, so I saw their relationship blossom even while it was still a secret from most people.  He is the laidback to her stresshead, the creativity to her straightforward, and the adventure to her caution.  They truly make each other smile and laugh and have so much fun together, the only ending was a wedding.  And what a day!

As the mother of two of the three flower girls, and also the giver of the non-religious reading, the preparations at our end have been somewhat fraught – trying to find their dresses, then shoes and cardigans and hairpieces to match. And then something for me to wear. And shoes. And a fascinator. Jewellery. A present for the happy couple. An outfit for my partner. And of course, a reading that worked for them. I did write something myself, but when I asked around, was given the impression that this may not be appropriate in a traditional church wedding, so I put it aside for another time.  I chose this in the end:

Maybe - Anon

I think it went down ok – I got a lot of comments about it at the reception and all were positive, but it’s so hard to know if people are just being polite or genuinely mean what they’re saying.

Back to the wedding.  My new brother-in-law is a creative genius and had a very clear vision for the day with a great colour scheme that we first saw in the invitations that were designed as drinks coasters.  His parents have a lot of land, so after the country church ceremony, the reception was to be held in their fields.  They borrowed a marquee from some friends and hired a second one. Another field was to be used for parking with another for the brave campers (remember, this is October, in England!).


The first marquee was used for the arrival drinks and canapes, a smaller tent attached for the cloakroom and throughway to the posh portaloos with the hired marquee set out for the sit down meal.  A small adjoining barn to the side was set up for the post-meal dancing. And, despite the torrential rain that turned the fields into a swamp, it all worked well.

The first marquee had bales of hay stacked in the centre draped with pashminas to create an informal seating area – and also became the space for the wedding gifts to be placed.  There was a bar in the corner for after the meal and tables for the homemade desserts gifted by guests.

Bales of Hay

The main tent was erected around a tree which was decorated with fairy lights, and homemade pompoms in the wedding colours hung from the roof with heart shaped wire mobiles of the invitation coasters hung between. Tables were marked with helium balloons with the names of birds of prey on them (a joke based on the groom’s nickname).  The guests were treated to a delicious Thai meal with sherbet and jelly sweet shots for after the speeches, and the children were given bags of sweets to keep them happy.  Later, after the cake was cut, there was gammon, bread and cheeses and for the guests that lingered into the early hours, pork pies, sausage rolls and other snacks satisfied their munchies!


After the formalities, a live band played indie favourites and got everyone dancing in the barn, before handing over the mic to my talented cousin who performed an acapella version of Ain’t Nobody to everyone’s amazement. Then the guest DJs started and the dancing really began in earnest.  My little flower girl (the one that wasn’t sleeping across my chest in the sling) had a wonderful time dancing and running around with one of the other little boys and in the end we had to call time on her as we were concerned that adults + alcohol + small children = an accident waiting to happen!


It was truly a beautiful day, totally befitting the stunning couple.  My girls were incredible, behaving so well in the church, and not complaining even through all the stress of getting ready, ploughing through muddy fields and waiting hours for food.  I was one very proud mummy and totally lapped up all the praise bestowed on them.

Flowers Girls

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