Mumpreneur in Waiting

A friend and I have been talking for months about starting our own business that combines our love of cloth nappies, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and all things attachment parenting with a family style cafe.

We currently run a sling and cloth nappy library and are both qualified breastfeeding peer supporters.  We have both opted to be stay at home mums, but know that we can do more than the usual round of baby groups and coffee mornings. So we discussed how to do it.

Opening a cafe straight out, with no money isn’t practical or realistic, so perhaps we needed to start smaller: we started running a group for parents interested in cloth nappies, slings and breastfeeding from a local play centre, but despite some successful events, it hasn’t worked as well as we’d hoped.

Cloth Bum Meet

So perhaps a website that sells the products we love and offers support at the same time?  Then, once we had some profit, we could invest in opening a retail space that gives parents (and parents-to-be) an opportunity to try before they buy, before we got bigger and became a family-friendly cafe.

But just as we were researching the website, an incredible opportunity has come along, thanks to the Mary Portas Pilot Town scheme.  Our local town has become one of her highlights and are opening a Pop-Up space for budding entrepreneurs called Poportunity.  I got in touch and they were positive about our idea and keen to meet to show us the space and discuss it further.

We’re meeting next week and I’m excited and scared at the same time.  This may well be the craziest thing I’ve ever done, or even considered doing.  But I really believe it is needed and wanted and we can make a success of it if we get the chance.

I’ll keep posting about how it’s going, but also need to get to work and draft some kind of business plan before we commit to anything!

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