Mummy Mugshot #2 – Wildwood

So, after our aborted effort last week due to the snow, today we finally made it to Wildwood, a local British wildlife park set in 40 acres of ancient woodland for a fun afternoon out.  The sun was shining as we left and it was looking to be a perfect day.  I knew it was going to be muddy nonetheless, so had packed the wellies for the girls.  Shame I didn’t think to change out of my Converse though!!

Toddler in wellington boots

Glad I’ve got my wellies!

We picked Bunny up from nursery and headed off.  By the time we arrived, however, the sun had gone and it was starting to rain.  We sheltered on a verandah to eat our picnic and then set off round the park.  Bear was running from enclosure to enclosure, pointing at whichever animals she could see and squealing with excitement and Bunny was excitedly asking what animals we could see, what they were doing, what they were eating, why were they eating that?

Toddler at zoo

Excited by all the animals

The weather held off, although the lack of sunshine and the splattering rain made it feel colder than it was, making us less than keen to stop too long to watch each animal we came across.  From previous reports from friends, I believe we were quite lucky today and saw a fair amount of the animals living there, including a wolf pack, a wild boar, some wild horses, owls of all shapes and sizes, rats, wallabies, goats, bison, deer, lynx, mink, stoats and many birds.  The snakes and badgers were “away” and the otters and beavers and bats were unlikely to come out in the daytime anyway, so we were quite satisfied with our lot.

Fallow deer looking at camera

You lookin’ at me?

As we headed towards the exit, we reached the fantastic adventure playground, and of course, Bunny wanted to go in.  I said she could have a little play and she climbed a rope ladder and headed for a slide.  Her sister, on realising she couldn’t follow, trotted round to the bottom of the slide, looking for an alternative way up.  Then, splat!  She faceplanted into a massive muddy swamp patch.  Her hands and trousers and coat were covered and she was not impressed.  So that called time on our day and we popped into the loos on the way past to clean her up a bit and then left the park.  But it was good fun and worth the visit.  Especially as we’d only paid £1 each to get in due to a special offer they were running for January!

child with ducks

Why are the ducks there mummy?

We now have the debate of whether to buy annual membership so that we can go again and again, or just pay each time.  I certainly want to go back when it’s warmer, at the very least.  I would definitely recommend it to others as it is very child-friendly, and apart from some rather muddy areas, is also pushchair-friendly.  Most of the enclosures can be seen from all heights so even the toddlers get to spot some animals!  The adventure playground looked amazing and I was disappointed not to spend more time there, especially as there is a fantastic smaller area for under-5s with a higgledy-piggledy house (and an awesome-looking “drop-slide” I would have loved to try!).  The park is also very much about conservation which is great for teaching kids about the value of our delicate eco-system.  All in all, another great day out in our local area that is good for all the family.

Family with wolves

Mummy Mugshot: hanging with the wolfpack

Mummy Mugshot Country Kids from Coombe Mill

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2 comments on “Mummy Mugshot #2 – Wildwood
  1. wow at £1 entrance fee it sounds like one not to miss. I think we have about half the animals there but bison and wolves would be very exciting to see. If annual membership is reasonable then it sounds like a good bet. Thanks for sharing with CountryKids

  2. Yes, £1!!! Is amazing value. Looks like a really lovely place to visit, my boys would love it too. Poor Bear getting a face full of mud 🙁 Your girls are gorgeous and I love your Mummy Mugshot pic. Thanks so much for linking up x

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