Moving in. Moving on.

Saturday 25 October
My little sister finally got engaged on a beach in Ireland. Beautiful, idyllic and romantic.
Meanwhile, back in Blighty, my relationship was heading in the opposite direction.
The day did not begin well. I dropped the heavy wooden bed frame on my bare foot, and the removals men turned up very early, before I was ready. But they got everything in the van without a problem and even some extras I hadn’t expected them to take.
And then I was alone in my new home. I put the sofa back together and started making the bed again. And then I got a splinter that dug down deep into my finger. I couldn’t do anything but drive home again. But it’s not my home anymore. What do I call it now?
With wife’s help, I dug it out and carried on with moving.
The girls were excited at the idea of another home and couldn’t wait to come see it so I packed up the car again and we all went over there for lunch before taking the dog for a walk in a nearby park.
As the sun set, my new reality started. I dropped wife and dog back at their house and the girls and I went back to my house.
In what appeared to be a good omen, both girls slept right through the night, not waking until 7am. As DD2 has rarely, if ever, done this, I was stunned!
Maybe this move won’t be so bad after all.

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