Miamoo packaging

miamoo Travel Skincare

Miamoo packaging

We are obsessive label readers in this house, and when it comes to skincare, even more so. If SLS, parabens or other synthetic chemicals make an appearance, no matter how pretty and appealing the packaging, it’s not coming home with us. So I was thrilled to be offered a chance to review the miamoo skincare travel pack which claims to be as natural as possible and free from parabens and SLS – especially as it arrived just in time for our half-term trip to London.

Miamoo travel sized bottles

I was driving, but still didn’t want to take lots of bags with me and this kit was perfect as it has everything we would need for a couple of days away and I could even fit the toothbrushes in the bag.

miamoo travel pack

I loved the colours and fun design of the packaging and the bottle sizes are perfect. At 30ml each container complies with airline carry-on liquids regulations and the purse is zippable and transparent.

Both girls suffer from mild eczema and I have occasional flare ups as well, so all skincare has to be sensitive enough not to irritate, but clever enough to help the sensitive skin heal if needed. miamoo’s founder, Saira Khan thought the same and having tried most products already available, took the bull by the horns and created her own products which became miamoo skincare. During her research, Saira learnt all about the nasties contained in most commercially produced skincare and took steps to avoid them at all costs. In fact, the miamoo range is clearly labelled with ingredients and any preservatives necessary to give the products shelf-life are as naturally derived as possible.

So to our home test of the travel set.

In the bag are:

miamoo splashy wash

Splashy Wash – a gently foaming body wash with citrus notes to ensure a refreshing experience. We used this most as it meant we had soap to hand when out and about and all loved it.

miamoo Fresh locks shampoo

Fresh Locks Shampoo – a mild shampoo that is perfect for washing little people’s hair with a lavender fragrance to calm and relax. I tried it out as well and was pleased by how clean my greasy hair felt afterwards!

miamoo spritz and wipe

Spritz & Wipe – I tried this on my face to freshen up, but as I still had make up on, found it stung a little (probably from the limewater in it), but Bunny thought it was a great way of cleaning her face and much preferred it to the usual flannel and water method and it also helped with brushing the knots out of Bear’s over-twizzled hair! I also used it while out and about to clean Bear during nappy changes, rather than using chemical wipes or having to seek out running water. This is a fantastic dual purpose spray.

miamoo huggy lotion

Huggy Lotion – this non-greasy moisturiser was effective enough for us all to use to avoid dryness after our baths/showers and wasn’t sticky or watery which meant no delays to getting dressed after we applied it.

miamoo cheeky cream

Cheeky Cream – this has been my favourite of the products. We used this ultra-thick cream on Bear’s sore bits between nappy changes and if I spotted either of them itching, rubbed some into the affected area quickly. Funnily enough, after I’d done it once, they both suddenly developed severe cases of itching all over and insisted I apply more cream. I think they liked the feel of this cream, as well as its miracle healing effects!

miamoo baba oil

Baba Oil – a sweet almond and lavender infused oil for extra moisturising or gentle massage. I wish I’d had this when Bear was small as we used to love our baby massage sessions. Nowadays, she just liked rubbing this into my back, her legs and, well pretty much anywhere! Oh and it’s also a great deep conditioning treatment for hair too!


Miamoo before and after

Of course, the best way to test a product that claims to be for sensitive skin is to try it on some sore bits and see what happens. And as these before and after photos show, the Cheeky Cream really did work its magic as the itchy redness had completely disappeared after just a couple of applications. Which is far better than nasty skin-thinning eczema cream we use normally!

As we were only away for a short time, I have continued to carry some of the products in my handbag to use when we’ve been out for the day or even just out shopping. Their size is very handbag/changebag friendly and a little goes a long way, so they seem to be lasting well.

I am naturally dubious of claims to be suitable for the most sensitive skin, but these products are so natural, they really do live up to expectations. I love them and it would seem the girls do too by their keenness to keep using them. At £15 for the full set, this would make a lovely gift for a new mum, or is perfect for a trip away to have all bases covered. They’re also a great size for testing the products out before buying the full size ones – and then you have refillable mini bottles to keep in your bag when you discover how good they are too!

miamoo have very kindly offered my readers a 10% discount when buying any full price product from the website. Enter the code Blog13 at the checkout.

Disclaimer: I was sent this travel kit free of charge to trial and review here. As always, my opinions are all my own.