magicbed travel cot

magicbed travel cot
The chocolat model


Travel cots are notoriously cumbersome, despite their claims. Yet, travelling with little people already involves carting so much additional luggage, just packing it makes you rue any romantic notions you had for travelling with them. So, the magicbed, is truly an awesome creation.

Carrying a Magicbed

Designed by two French dads who were also fed up of struggling with unwieldy travel cots, this is one that is not only extremely light and portable (sling it over your shoulder, using the shoulder strap), but is up in an instant on arrival (when you’re tired and fed up and even opening a bottle of wine is too much effort).

Magicbed chocolat

The chocolat model

Despite its lack of weight and ease of construction, it does not let down in the style and comfort departments. The chocolat model that we were testing is beautiful, with the butterfly design on the mesh side panels giving it an edge that detracts from its practicality. Such as, the pocket on the side that is the perfect size for a phone or mp3 player to play lullabies or white noise to help soothe baby to sleep, whether in unfamiliar surroundings or at home (and who wouldn’t want to use this cot more often?!).

Magicbed contents

Included in the package is a mattress that slides into a pocket underneath the base of the bed with velcro tabs to keep it in place, and a fleece blanket, that also has velcro tabs that attach it to the inside bottom of the cot to make it more comfortable and cosy without the annoyance of your child’s movements displacing it. It also has a carry bag, with the aforementioned strap for portability.

Magic Bed size

Big enough for two!

The cot is easily large enough to fit a two year old, as demonstrated by my own, and in fact, my smallish four year old can just about lie straight in it. As the base is on the floor, there are no weight restrictions, so this can be safely used until your child literally outgrows it.

But by far, the best feature of this cot, remembering it is a travel cot and is therefore likely to be put up and down more frequently than a normal cot, is how easy it is to put away. Simply remove the mattress, fold one side in on itself. Then fold the other side in as well, slide the attached elastic band over it to hold in place, and slip it into the carry bag. So ridiculously easy, you actually don’t mind having to do it.

This really is a very well-thought out travel cot, and clearly demonstrates the creators’ own experiences and lessons learned. If you are likely to be travelling with small children, it is ideal, but I think it also works as a more permanent cot if needed for space or on a longer term temporary basis. The only downside is that the mesh side panel doesn’t unzip like some others available which can make retrieving baby from the bottom, quite back-breaking (or difficult to put them down asleep as demonstrated in the video above). As they get older, this may also make them feel trapped which, while might be great for you, could be frustrating for them. But this is really the only downside I could find.

The Magicbed is available directly from their website for ¬£109 plus delivery. It’s not cheap, but is sturdy enough to withstand regular use, is portable enough to accompany families on their travels, regardless of transport methods and is large enough to be used from newborn to at least three years old, giving it the longevity many don’t offer. ¬†There are some extremely useful accessories available to buy for it, including a sun canopy and a mosquito net which give it even more versatility. I would recommend this highly and am just a little bit sad that it wasn’t available when Bear was smaller so we could use it more!

Disclaimer: The lovely people at magicbed sent us a magicbed chocolat to try for the purposes of this review. As always, all opinions given are our own (and Bear is a very honest reviewer!).


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