Living Arrows 25/52

There is something just perfect about using the two of you as my models while experimenting with photography¬†tips I’ve learned from a pro. The way your smiles illuminate the shots without the need for the sunlight I’m taking advantage of. The way your games test the settings on the SLR. And the way the two of you complement each other, in real life and in photos. Thank you for letting me document our lives like this.

140623 LA2

140623 LA3

140623 LA5

140623 LA6

140623 LA7

140623 LA8

140623 LA9

140623 LA10

For the first time ever, the only editing I’ve done to these photos is to crop and resize them and add the borders. Yes, the light was on my side, but even I’m pretty chuffed with how they turned out! Enjoying the practice!

living arrows
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4 comments on “Living Arrows 25/52
  1. They are absolutely gorgeous. I’m loving experimenting with my camera too,being outside definitely makes a huge difference. You have 2 beautiful little models there x

  2. Steinsdotter says:

    Photographing is sooo much fun…..
    And gets even more fun with time and experience.
    I am always chasing gorgeous light, beautiful stills, or feel like I’m a paparazzi around my daughter! hahaha….. And I always edit my photos as well, even tho they _sometimes_ look great straight off camera, I just can’t resist the temptation to tweak a little bit… And recently I’m obsessing over backgrounds… Ok, I could go on for ever, I’m a photo junkie :S

    You have some gorgeous girls there…. And yeah, gorgeous light as well.
    Keep it up


  3. Lovely photos of your girls! I love the shots with their eyes showing! They both got pretty eyes and you captured it well =) #LivingArrows

  4. What gorgeous photos and the one of Bunny and Bear smiling, second from bottom is definitely my fav. perfect x

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