Living Arrows 19/52

The more time we spend outside, the more your personalities shine through. The more I see your differences, your individuality and your joie de vivre. And yet, somewhere there is that common ground. Those clues that you are sisters and that you both have the desire to enjoy your world. And watching you enjoy it is the best part of being your mummy.

living arrows

140512 LA2

140512 LA3

140512 LA4

living arrows
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11 comments on “Living Arrows 19/52
  1. Picking flowers is such a classic childhood moment isn’t it. Love that picture. She looks like she is in her own world finding the best of the bunch.
    The cheeky faces in the first too made me smile as well, especially no2, it looks like a “I’m not plotting anything naughty at all” face. #livingarrows

  2. Jenny says:

    Ahhh these are stunning photos!!! Look at their beautiful happy faces. Would melt anyones heart. So lovely especially picking flowers. Bless them. The first one is great too. I love expressions on kid’s faces. Showing their personalities. #livingarrows

  3. What I love about living arrows is that is that everyday lives of kids are given a special platform! Everyday kids lives that are special because thay are living it =) I hope I make sense. #livingarrows

  4. I love the last one, just a tiny little person in a huge field. Absolutely stunning! #livingarrows

  5. Carie says:

    Oh those are some happy smiles! I love the last picture, it looks like it should be a Sunbonnet Sue quilt!

  6. Ah such lovely pictures. I especially love the last one, beautiful x

  7. Beautiful photos. It’s lovely to get outside more now the weather is improving.

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