It’s Snow Disappointing!

We’ve been busy this week, not doing much at all really!

We woke to quite a decent covering of snow on Monday morning which was a little unexpected really and made the school run a bit more interesting than it would usually be. Bunny kept insisting that we pretend it was Christmas and that we could see Santa and his sleigh in the sky. I don’t really understand where this image of a snowy Christmas originates, but it has permeated her little mind it would seem!

Once I was back home, I wrapped Bear up nice and warm (maybe a little over the top with tights, socks, vest, long-sleeved top and jumper under her duffel coat!) and we headed into the garden for her first steps in the snow.  She was still too little to go out in it last year, so this was a new experience for her. Unlike her sister’s first time in the snow, she was excited and interested in this new texture under her feet and gazed about, bemused by the white world in front of her. We kicked the snow and threw some snowballs and then she started to get cold so we went back inside. By lunchtime, most of the snow had melted away but it’s remained cold all week.

Toddler in the snow

Bear Snow!

Had a Town Team meeting Monday evening and we thrashed out some of the key project ideas. I’m working on one to ‘tart up the town’, hoping we can get local residents out in force to paint tatty benches and railings as part of a weekend of events.

On Tuesday, we had the second session of the Birds & Bees nappy and sling library. We have sorted through all of the nappies and chosen only the better ones to promote, and hope to sell some of the older versions (and what seem like a million prefolds) to raise some funds to buy some new bits. The sling library is looking a little depleted these days, with nearly everything decent having “gone missing”. We do still have three Mei Tais, a woven ring sling and a Moby and some home made wraps but it looks like any funds in the kitty are going to have to go there for now. Despite this, we hired out a mei tai and a wrap this week, so `at least word is getting around about us and we are starting to grow. If we get some newer nappies and some decent slings, then we will really be set up and able to spread the word!

Cloth nappy selection

Birds & Bees Nappy Library

Wednesday had heavy snow forecast locally, so we made no plans and had a fairly quiet day.

The snow turned up 24 hours late on Thursday morning, and it was like little tiny balls of ice that looked like polystyrene and collected in our hoods as Bunny and I walked to school. This didn’t hang around for long, yet the snow persisted all day but didn’t stick! I had a meeting with a town council member about the tidy up project and now have to write up a project plan before our next meeting! On Thursday night, my parents came over to babysit and we went to bingo with a friend. It was my first time ever and I surprised myself by quite enjoying it, despite not winning!

Friday dawned and the reports of severe weather across the country seemed difficult to believe given the lack of anything other than extreme cold here (well only just below freezing, but the wind added to the chill factor!). Bunny went to her Nanna and Grandpa’s for the night so we had a fairly quiet afternoon again as I expected her to have a late night. The snow eventually reached us later that evening and gave a thin covering, but certainly nothing to be excited by. And today has been the same, no snow, just slowly thawing white patches.

Tomorrow we have heavy snow forecast here all day, so perhaps we will finally get our share. I’ve bought a cheap toboggan for the girls just in case as it could be fun, but if not, there’s always next year (or the year after!). But for a week where snow has been headline news every day, it has been really rather disappointing!

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