It’s All Over for this Month

Sunday – CD26 – 2ww -11

My temperature had gone right down this morning so by 7am I knew it was all over.  Wasn’t at all shocked or surprised but just a little bit disappointed as I had held onto my hope for all this time but now nothing.  No sign of AF though so wifey didn’t believe it was a definite even though I explained it was.  She’s still convinced it could just be a late implantation dip.  Which I know it isn’t.

Had a tense day – lots of shouting at each other and just being irritable and snappy, but I guess that’s just how we deal with the disappointment.  Had lots of hugs too though so it’s not all been bad.  And at least by being a Sunday we got to spend it together and shut ourselves away for the day which is a blessing.  Of course, when we did pop out for a bit, everywhere I turned there seemed to be mums with babies to remind me of my barren state!

Going to call into the dr tomorrow morning just to check on the abdo pain to see if it is likely to be cysts and will then call clinic to ask about starting a medicated cycle.  Pretty worried about it though as it seems lots of women get cysts once they start meds so I could be booking myself in for more pain and more hassle.  Only hope that if I do have a cyst it doesn’t affect this month’s cycle.  Now I’ve started I really, really don’t want to stop until I have my baby bean growing snuggly inside me.

At least it’s a long weekend coming up so I get to spend extra time with wifey.  I only wish we could spend every day together.  But before that I’ve got a colleague’s leaving drinks on Thursday to get through – she’s going off on maternity leave and I can’t stand her anyway.  That’s going to be a fun evening for sure!  Will definitely be leaving as early as possible.

Oh well, fingers crossed for the next cycle.

I’ll be back to report then.

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