Is it a Cyst?

Saturday – CD25 – 2ww -10

Nearly there!  Felt really depressed when I woke up this morning – I am sure it hasn’t worked and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with the confirmation of this, but I guess it is something I will deal with when I have to.

Last night I did some research into my pain and it seems that I might have a cyst as they are often a side effect of the Ovitrelle, so if it’s still bad on Monday I’ll pop into the dr to just get it checked out.  Today of course it’s not been anywhere near as bad – still twingeing but better than yesterday – I’ve even been crossing my legs!

In fact today I’ve felt barely anything at all – the nausea I was feeling yesterday has completely gone too.  I had some dreams last night and my temperature was down a bit.  I have a massive fresh batch of spots today though – not a good sign.  And this evening I’ve started getting what feel a bit like AF pains but I don’t normally get them and she isn’t due until Monday anyway.  I guess it could all be over by the morning which is a bit depressing but c’est la vie.

Oh well – off to bed and can only hope that AF doesn’t appear overnight.

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