Independent (Little) Ladies

When I talk to a friend with boys, she tells me they have no real interest in what they wear and just let her dress them. Not so with little girls. They know what they want and nothing will stop them from having it their way. They are my independent little ladies.

Dressed for breakfast

When we have somewhere to be, whether school or fun, I get up and choose appropriate clothes from their wardrobe, hairbands to match and the shoes that will garner the least complaints. I lay them out on their chairs and go down to make breakfast. In the meantime, they’ve raided the dressing up box and appear dressed for breakfast in various princess dresses, hair tied back with offcuts of lace, handbags perched on their shoulders. No knickers though. Because why would they.

Delicate dress

So we eat breakfast (slowly) and then I send them up to get ready properly. They insist on doing it themselves. I’m not allowed to help unless I hear a scream of frustration because a tap won’t turn on, or their buttons are too fiddly. And when I dare to venture in, I discover the sensible jeggings and trainers that are perfect for an afternoon on their bikes, have been eschewed for the prettiest, most delicate party dress in their collection. And so begins the arguing.

Scootering in party dress

They are 4 and 6 yet have the attitudes of petulant teens. I suppose it’s all good practice for what’s to come, but it can be so exhausting. I learnt early in my parenting journey to pick my battles, and sometimes, the what to wear ones are not worth the grief. So we often find ourselves clambering up┬áthe climbing frame at the park in dainty dresses, or scootering along the seafront in a party frock.

Weird clothes combinations

And sometimes, I wonder if they even looked at what they put on!


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