How I Got Here: My Journey to Parenthood

As a lesbian mum, I am often asked how I got pregnant – people’s curiosity always has a tendency to override any thoughts of rudeness!

I kept a blog diary of my experiences of assisted conception with an anonymous donor and thought it might be interesting to share it here, rather than leave it hidden in the blogosphere.  It is an interesting insight into who I was 4 years ago and for those that haven’t experienced it, what fertility treatment involves.  So, follow the links in the Trying to Conceive categories and you can share the journey that brought me to this place I’m at now.  I’ve kept the original dates so they read chronologically, despite only publishing them now as it felt more appropriate than not dating them or using current dates.

I’ve gone back in and added the full terminology for some of the expressions in brackets to make it easier to understand and reference, but otherwise, the posts remain pretty much unchanged.  If you are on this journey yourself, or considering it in the future and there’s anything you’re not clear on, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll try and help.

At the time, I hated it, but now, going back over these posts, I almost yearn for the excitement of those first tries.  It seems a lifetime ago – and I suppose it is really – at least for Bunny and Bear!

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