hot chocolate reindeer gifts

Hot Chocolate Reindeer Teacher Gift

It’s that time of year when trying to think of presents to buy can start to take over your every waking moment. I was pretty pleased with my efforts, having cracked most of the gifts I needed to get when, Bam! I remembered I have teachers to buy for now that Bunny’s at school. I have read The Boy and Me’s Teacher Gift Guide in the past so know what not to get, but was stumped for what was best to buy.  After all, it’s meant to be from me and Bunny so buying them just a box of chocolates didn’t seem quite right somehow.

So as usual, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration and found the simplest idea I could so that Bunny could actually do it and make it a true gift from her. These reindeer hot chocolate giftbags from Mommy’s Kitchen were ideal.

hot chocoate reindeer ingredients

I already had some disposable icing bags in the cupboard and googly eyes and pom poms were stashed away in a box of Christmas craft from last year. I bought some hot chocolate and mini marshmallows and we set to work.

hot chocolate reindeer

First of all, I folded back the top of one of the icing bags and balanced it in a glass. I gave Bunny a spoon and she scooped the hot chocolate powder into the bag.

hot chocolate reindeer sealed bag

When she was done, I sealed the bag with some tape and placed it inside another bag.

hot chocolate reindeer marshmallows

Bunny then sprinkled the mini marshmallows on top and then I tied it shut with some gift ribbon.

hot chocolate reindeer sticky dots

hot chocolate reindeer sticking on eyes

Then the finishing touches. I used some Sticky Dots instead of glue and let Bunny push the eyes and red nose onto them.

HCR Finished hot chocolate reindeer gifts

I tied them to the wrapped chocolate box with more gift ribbon and voila, a slightly more interesting gift for Bunny’s teachers that she actually helped with. Easy, fun and festive! And hopefully, perfect for quiet winter evenings when the children are all at home with their own families!