Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold
Slides in the sun and people play in the shade

This week has been a bit of an odd one.  While the rest of the UK sweltered and moaned about the oppressive heat, we had some warm, sunny days mixed up with a couple of grey, breezy and decidedly cooler days.  But nothing close to being “hot” as the media would have it and it’s even been cold at times!

In amongst all this, I’ve had a number of meetings, our cat got sick and I’ve had a dodgy tummy for the best part of the week.  So we haven’t been out and about having as much fun as I would normally at this time of year.  Our paddling pool got left out to dry and found its way into the bushes overnight the week before last so had to go in the bin as it wasn’t inflating and now wife thinks our tap for the hose is broken and has embargoed its use.  Which has meant most of my motivation to get the girls into the garden to have some water fun has gone.

However, last Sunday, after a busy day with their Auntie and Uncle the day before, we had a lovely garden day at home.  And I actually got time to hit the sun lounger and read a book while the girls played around me (disclaimer: I had spent some time digging up weeds before this!).

children play outside

Fingerpainting fun and people play

The girls did some finger painting on the mats under the gazebo, and played with some of their “people”.

children sitting on trampoline

Four going on fourteen!

On Tuesday, our friends came over, and the children played brilliantly again.  In fact, at one point, Bunny and her best friend were hanging out on the trampoline like a couple of teenagers. It was warm still, but not uncomfortably so.

Baby and child holding hands

A sweet touch

On Wednesday, some more friends came over and it was lovely to see how tender and gentle Bunny was with their baby. I hope they grow up to be friends! We then had to spend some time sorting out the cat and a vet visit, so missed most of the good weather, and I’d started to feel really ill by the evening.

On Thursday, the tummy bug had set in properly and walking around the High Street with the girls while wife had her optician appointment was really quite painful.  It was also cold and when we got in, I snuggled into bed and slept for an hour! I never go to bed in the daytime so this proves how ill I was feeling!

children playing outside

Slides in the sun and people play in the shade

On Friday, the sun made a brief return and I spent some time with my book on the sunlounger as I still felt fragile.  Again, the girls played brilliantly in the garden and it was lovely watching and listening to Bear using imaginative play with her “people” and their houses. So much of their conversations echoed the common themes in our house, I couldn’t help but smile at the effect these rituals have on her.  There were lots of “night night, in the morning!” cries from her people, and then they played on the swings and the slide, just like the giant manipulating them!

Margate Turner Gallery

Margate and the Turner Gallery from a child’s perspective

Today was a return to the grey, cool weather so we headed into Margate and had a wander around the old town and popped into the Turner Gallery to see the Horniman walrus.  The girls were thrilled at the end of our visit to discover the community room and enjoyed doing some colouring with the provided materials while we wandered round enjoying the artwork of local school students.  Then, as we left, morris men began dancing outside one of the seafront pubs which delighted the girls even more and we were made to stand and watch the full routine!

It’s been a mostly outside week, but far too much time in the car going from place to place, keeping appointments and not enjoying the weather at its best. Tomorrow promises to be a good day, so let’s hope we can have some more outdoor fun!

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Linking up with Fiona at Coombe Mill’s Country Kids Linky to celebrate getting outside with the children. Lots!

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3 comments on “Hot and Cold
  1. I do hope you get some better weather soon, although that obviously has not stopped you all getting outside and having fun. You have some lovely photos of your girls together and I hope your tummy is on the mend, thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

    • Faded Seaside Mama says:

      Thanks for the wishes! We’ve had a much better week this week and my tummy is better too!

  2. What do you do on a good day? Certainly seems like you have managed to keep busy! Hope you are feeling better and the sun stays out to play some more for us all!

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