Holiday Sunshine Fun

Week two of the holidays has been as sunny as the first (although, not quite as warm) so we’ve spent most of it outside, making the most of the chance to be active, explore and spend lots of time together having fun.

sunshine bike riding

We took out the bikes for a ride along the clifftop.

greedy goat

We gave the last of the carrots to a greedy goat who ate them before the alpaca, donkeys or other goats could get to us!


We had fun in the nearby playground…

Park hugs

…and then tired ourselves out running around the rugby pitch!

Sunshine picnicWe went for a (slightly chilly) picnic at a nature reserve…

Post picnic play…Then had fun playing in the field with our friends…

bunny and friend on roundabout

…Before more playground fun!

Bear swinging

We played outside on our own…

golf with sister

…With sisters…

Bunny Bear and Uncle L

…And with family in their hometown!

A week filled with fresh air, exercise and laughter. The perfect way to spend time away from the routine of school and work!

Linking up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids to celebrate spending time outside with children. Click the image below for more inspiration.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall