HFE Bill and Overeating

Tuesday – CD21 – 2ww-6

My temperature had gone back up this morning – wonder if it had something to do with having the windows open the previous two nights?  Hilarious if that’s all it was!

Was feeling pretty miserable and fed-up this morning after reading about the HFE bill on the Guardian website.  I just find the constant having to justify wanting a baby thing so frustrating.  Especially when we have to set aside hard-earned money, time and energy to do it – do they really think we wouldn’t go out of our way to make sure any child we conceive has the most wonderful chance of life possible?  Grrrr

Anyway, the admin team decided to head up to the park at lunchtime and even though I’d bought my soup in, I couldn’t resist the lure orf BBQ’d sausage in a roll and then a cake from my favourite patisserie afterwards, so have been thoroughly bad today!  And my parents arrive tonight so going out for dinner as well!!  Arrrrggggggghhhhhhh!  So much for being ultra-healthy on my 2ww!

Feeling a lot happier now though thank god – was just so down this morning I couldn’t see how I was going to get through the day, but all is fine again now.  Sometimes I do love work!

Ok – off to meet my little sis for a wander round Selfridges while we wait for my parents – more indulgence – but window-shopping is free (both financially and calorie-wise!).

No symptoms today apart from the slight stitch still in my right-hand side.  And I am drinking loads more water than usual – normally I’d manage 1.5 bottles a day at work, today I’ve just finished my third and have had 2 cups of tea as well.  I feel so dehydrated which is rare as I drink gallons normally anyway.

Tomorrow is the halfway point so nearly there!

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