Getting help getting fit

As I mentioned last week, I am on a quest for good health and happiness. However, I’m not one to join a diet or slimming revolution and I’m not exactly disciplined when it comes to exercising regularly or eating healthily. I try for a bit then lose my motivation and end up back at square one.

Runkeeper app

So this time, I’ve decided to see if some of the latest technology will give me that added shove I need. Since I started, I’ve been using an app called RunKeeper to track my walks. It’s basic but helpful, giving me a map of my route, time announcements, calories used and average minutes per mile.

Runkeeper app

It’s a good record of what I’ve been doing and is certainly motivating while I’m out as the audio announcements push me to go a bit further, a bit longer or speed up if I’ve slowed down.

But there are other options available that I’m hoping will give me the push I need to actually get out and stop eating crap when I’m sat at my desk or on the sofa in the evening.

eating cake

I am very much an emotional eater. If I’m bored, I’ll eat. Tired, I’ll eat. Upset, I’ll eat. Even happy and I eat – that’s what celebrations are all about aren’t they? I crave carbs and sugar all the time and have the sweetest tooth of anyone I’ve ever met. I could quite literally live on cake. But it’s not very healthy is it – even carrot cake!

It’s a bad habit if anything. As soon as I feel any type of emotion I reach for the cake. I need to break these lifelong habits and establish some new, healthier ones. And technology can apparently help me with that. The Thinking Slimmer team have created a series of hypnotherapy voice recordings that claim to alter your thinking and behaviour towards food: “The answer to losing weight effectively is inside your mind”. Apparently by listening to the 10 minute recording every day for at least 21 days, I can reprogramme my mind to make healthier choices.

I loved the effect this approach had when I tried the hypnobirthing recordings so much that I passed them onto my sister when she was pregnant, and although neither of us had the natural, intervention-free births we’d hoped for, the effects of the music and words were incredible at getting through some of the tougher parts of labour. So I am quite excited to try the Beat That Sweet Tooth Habit Breaker from the Thinking Slimmer team and see if it makes a difference to my emotional eating.


I am also going to try an interactive coaching programme from the makers of Fitbug. KiQplan works alongside Runkeeper (and most leading trackers, smartphones or smartwatches) in a 12 week programme that is “perfectly structured to achieve outcomes”.

KiQplan Screen Captures

It uses the data provided by Runkeeper and anything extra I input to create “a highly personalised experience” that includes activity targets, types and reps of various exercises, healthy eating targets, and advice that adapts to me individually.

I’m hoping with these little extras to nudge me along, I might actually make a difference in time for my friend’s hen weekend in March. If ever there was motivation to look and feel good, that has to be it!

I’ll let you know how I get on, but would be interested to hear of your experiences and recommendations too.

Disclaimer: I have been offered a free trial of KiQplan to support my fitness goals and will share my thoughts on the product once I’ve started using it. I decided to buy the Thinking Slimmer Habit Changer having read lots of positive reviews and have received no compensation for doing so.

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One comment on “Getting help getting fit
  1. Don says:

    Good luck with the app. I to lack motivation and even though I am in the wheelchair getting out and moving around a bit is always wrecked by a Mars Bar or a bickie or two.

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