Nativity performer wistful

The first Nativity

Last week, the reception classes at Bunny’s school put on a nativity show for the parents (and grandparents). Apart from some almost improvised versions in her pre-school years, Bunny hasn’t really ever taken part in a show as such. To say I was excited was an understatement. She kept teasing us with songs and dances and mentions of it to build it up some more too!

Then, as we arrived in London the weekend before, she told me she had earache. I got some medicine and it seemed to stave it off for most of the day. She woke up numerous times overnight though complaining of the pain so it was certainly real. Sunday was spent quietly, her temperature rising and falling throughout the day as her body tried to fight the infection. She had an early night in the hope that a good night’s sleep would see it off.

She woke the next morning, still complaining about her earache, but as she came round to the day, seemed to forget about it and started to liven up and get excited for her show. So I took her to school and hoped she’d make it through ok.

By 9.30, I hadn’t had a call, so we made our way to the school and took our seats in the hall. Gradually, the children filed in and took their places, all looking fantastic in the costumes they’d made or had been given to wear.

reception nativity

Bunny was “A Traveller”

And what followed was wonderful. The songs we’d heard snippets from at home, were sung in full along with so many more we’d not heard before. They danced and played their characters so well and I admit, I felt quite choked up by it. If only Bunny could have looked more cheerful, more like she was enjoying herself and glad to be there!

the first nativity character

Afterwards, we were able to go and congratulate the children on such a great performance and when I spoke to Bunny, she really was struggling to crack a smile. I asked if she was feeling ill again and she said yes. I asked if she wanted to go home, and she said yes. So we spoke to her teacher, she got changed out of her costume and came home with us. And skipped and laughed and danced all the way to the car. She showed no further signs of being ill that day but saw the doctor and was given antibiotics for the infection anyway. I sent her in the next day, and the next and then she was sent home again on Thursday. Yet again, showing no signs of being ill and having lots of fun at home with her sister. But she’s four and I figure isn’t going to miss anything vital at this stage!

Nativity performer wistful

Looking wistful!

Of course, being a primary school, I can’t share many photos from the performance here, but I filmed the entire show on my phone to watch again and again in the years to come (and tease her with when she’s older, of course!). It was lovely, and although I’m not religious, really did reinforce the magic of Christmas with children.