End of Term Treats

Today was Bunny’s last day of term, her last day in the reception year of school, and therefore, the true end of the baby years. Year 1 is proper school in my book, with less play and more learning (I assume)! Yesterday was the last day of term at my school, and a staff barbecue was peppered with lots of very emotional speeches as we bade farewell to some treasured colleagues, including my boss and her husband (they met at the school and are now retiring together: so romantic), whose role I am taking over next term. But I still had to work today and will have to go in for a couple of hours tomorrow too, so not quite the end of term for me, but near enough!

eating GB Pizza Co pizza

Bunny had received a wonderful first school report from her teacher and this, coupled with the promise of no more morning rushing, lots of time to be together as a family, and an extremely warm evening, was as good an excuse as any for a meal out and late night. So, after Bunny’s swimming lesson, we headed into Margate to enjoy pizza from our favourite restaurant (the only place I’ve ever known both the girls keenly demolish their food), GB Pizza Co.

eating sands hotel ice cream

Then, as it was still so warm, we had overflowing tubs of ice cream from the Sands Hotel gelato parlour, that were messily devoured on the King’s Steps as we watched families taking final dips in the sea, the sun starting its descent and sailboats floating by on the millpond water.

stamping out sand worms

And finally, some time to play on the beach, stamping out sand worms, finding shells that whispered the secrets of the sea…

dancing on kings steps margate

…and dancing, hearts full of glee at the unexpected treat and late night.

sailboats in margate

The summer holidays are officially here and we are going to do our damnedest to enjoy every minute!

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One comment on “End of Term Treats
  1. Kim Carberry says:

    What a lovely evening! Enjoy the summer holidays x

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