Easter Gluttony

Children on swings

Higher! Higher!

Everybody eats lots at Easter don’t they?  Chocolate figures highly, but we had the additional treat of the local Food Festival trying out a Spring session this year.  Usually we have to wait until October for it, but it’s proved so popular, it’s back by popular demand.  Or something.   As it’s a mini-version, they’ve based it in the town’s park rather than on the seafront (and given this year’s most unseasonal weather, this was a good move!), so we couldn’t avoid a session on the swings and climbing frames while we were there as well.

Children in playground

Rockin’ Out!

We let the girls have some fun in the play area and then headed up to the tent village for some scrummy food.  I indulged in a Wild Boar and Apple sausage bap and the wife had a venison burger.  We washed it down with Cox’s Apple and Raspberry juice (as requested by Bunny).  For a treat afterwards, we had some traditional Kent tablet (as the lady that makes it likes to call it – crumbly, melt in your mouth fudge, essentially, made here in Kent).

Food stall at food fayre

Food stalls at the food fayre

Once Bear fell asleep, we headed on down to the seafront and had a warming (or thawing out?) coffee/hot chocolate in a favourite coffee lounge before heading home. On the way back to the car, I spotted this in someone’s front garden.  Isn’t it lovely?  I WILL do this next year!

Egg decorations in tree

Egg Tree

A lovely afternoon out, only spoiled by a severe lack of money to really indulge in all the fantastic fare on offer.  I was lusting after some sausages for the freezer and would have loved a big slice of Victoria sponge, sat with a pot of tea in a vintage caravan.  And there were chocolate lollies galore for the girls too. 

child with face paint

A Princess in a beanie

I did let Bunny get her face-painted though as she always looks adorable when she does, although was a bit shocked that it cost £3 – the local children’s centres usually charge just £1 so I hadn’t expected that!  Thank goodness Bear isn’t old enough to want it too!

Mummy Mugshot Badge

Country Kids from Coombe Mill badge


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