Easter Egg Hunt

When trying to decide how to do an Easter Egg hunt for my 3 and 6 year old children, I knew it needed to be something easy that wouldn’t involve reading – although Bunny can read, Bear can’t and I wanted to do the same thing for them both.

egg hunt clues

An added complication was a lack of printer (and time) so I decided to be a bit creative in my planning. I flicked through all the brochures that seem to breed under my coffee table and cut out photos of anything that came close to furniture we have in our house that was big enough to hide an egg in/under/on.

Once I had enough photos, I stuck the less obvious ones on Bunny’s eggs and the easier ones on Bear’s eggs. As it was late by this time, I then wrote a list of each hiding place I had and the order so that I could then quickly hide the eggs in the morning without getting them muddled up.

egg hunt first clue

So for Bear, I put the first picture on her pillow which led her to the toy kitchen. The egg in there had the next clue on which was in my bed, and so on.

egg hunt search

It worked quite well and the girls enjoyed finding all their eggs. Next year, they’ll be old enough to follow proper clues, but for this time, this method worked really well, was easy and didn’t even need a printer!

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