desert island discs

Desert Island Discs

When Jocelyn at The Reading Residence tagged me to share my Desert Island Discs (my eight all time favourite songs) with my readers, I jumped at the opportunity! I love music and know that I have quite diverse taste, enjoying everything from Kylie to Pearl Jam to The The to Flowered Up (anyone remember them?!).

So I sat down and started my list. Six songs came easily, leaving me with two more to choose. Narrowing down to the last two was really difficult as there were so many to choose from. So, without further ado, here follows my eight all time favourite Desert Island Discs.

Life Goes On – Noah & The Whale

This is my first, and probably most recent favourite song and is one of those songs, that when sung at the top of your voice with no shame will lift you up no matter how hard things are. I love how the lyrics are reminiscent of Lou Reed’s Take a Walk on the Wild Side as well, giving it a slightly retro feel. This album is the one most likely to be playing in my car as there are so many great songs on it.

Learning to Fly – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

I’ve always loved this song, but it took on a new meaning when I heard it after dropping Bunny off for her first day at school. The words fitted so well it was immediately promoted to my all time favourites.

Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) by The Cockney Rebel

If I’m getting ready to go out, I have a number of songs, guaranteed to get me in the mood for dancing and this is my absolute favourite. It became a bit of an anthem for me and a friend when I lived in London, and we almost couldn’t leave without listening to it first. And it remains one of those songs that will always get cranked up if it comes on the radio.

Now to some songs that have endured since my teens.

Broke Away – Wet Wet Wet

In my day, The Wets (or Bros if you were in the other camp) were kind of the One Direction for young teenagers . Their first album was pure pop and fun, but as they matured, so did their songs. When I was 14 and at my most ansgst-ridden, they released this and it quickly became my song. There’s been talk of funeral songs in other Desert Island Disc posts. This is mine. The words are so powerful and so meaningful – to me as a teenager and even now. It was my first tattoo and it’s the song that will always give me the strength I need when I’m crumbling.

Bell-Bottomed Tear – The Beautiful South

This is the other song from my teens that has endured the test of time. The band wrote songs so full of anger, yet so sweetly sung you have to listen carefully to appreciate them. They are easily one of my favourite bands ever and there were so many songs of theirs I could have chosen: Worthless Lie is so bitter and angry it got me through some painful break ups, Sail This Ship Alone is heartbreakingly beautiful and Frank & Delores is just this side of a country anthem. But Bell Bottomed Tear is a love song, but one that comes from the heartbreak of loving someone. And hating them too. The ashes of a relationship that never really was but had the potential to be so much.

Everybody’s Changing – Keane

And talking of relationships, this came out just as I was. It was the perfect coming out song for me. I loved the band anyway and a song about change fitted into my life right then. It still takes me back to that time, sat in my room in Greenwich, looking out at the flashing light on top of Canary Wharf, wondering what on earth I was doing, but smiling at the recognition of doing the right thing, finally.

Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

The second to last song on my list is just one I’ve always loved. It reminds me of being little and of my dad (who had a massive influence on the music I grew up loving, thanks in the main to the mixtapes he’d play in the car). And as an adult, the view from Waterloo Bridge is one of my favourites in central London.

Something Changed – Pulp

My last song was really hard to choose. There were more songs on my list, including Blur (AMAZING band!), Scissor Sisters, The Pixies, MGMT, and The Beach Boys. But Pulp are the band that most deserve a mention here. Jarvis Cocker is a legend. He has a mind that defies understanding and writes songs of everyday irony that speak to everyone. Again, there were so many to choose from, from the disco anthem Disco 2000, to Have You Seen Her Lately? and Mis-Shapes. But this song gets me every time. About fate, destiny; how we’re thrown together by life. It makes me want to stop what I’m doing and just listen without interruption.

So there you are, eight songs from the millions out there. As I write this, I keep thinking of others, but these are the eight that have become a part of who I am, what makes me me. They may not all be high-brow and respected, but the one thing I’m not is a music snob. I appreciate great music, but I also know what I love and this is them.

I hope you found something you liked in there too! What are your all time favourites? Let me know in the comments or share your own post with me.

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