deer collage pencil shavings

A Deer Collage

Each holidays, Bunny comes home from school with a mini-project brief to complete. Each time, I try to encourage her to be a little bit creative with her approach (without thinking for her as that would defeat the object!).

For half term, the brief was to:

deer project brief

So the first thing to do was decide on her favourite animal from a story. Well, in typical Bunny fashion, she interpreted this in her own way and decided it had to be a deer after our close ups with the ones in Bushy Park that weekend. I asked her how she wanted to do it – would she just like to paint something or do a collage using bits and pieces to stick on. Apparently that was the fun option so we went with that, although I wasn’t too sure what we were actually going to use to stick on.

deer collage pencil shavings

Then, while we were getting ready to make it, she started sharpening her pencils into a pile. And then suggested that because they all had different colours they might be nice to use for her picture. Sometimes, I wish I had the mind of a four year old, as this seemed brilliant. So I started by suggesting that she draw a basic picture of a deer first that she could then decorate with the pencil shavings.

Deer collage glueing

She drew something that could vaguely pass as a four-legged animal with something coming out of it’s head and then she got glueing.

Deer collage adding glitter

A few pencil shavings to start. Then lots of glitter, then some curly shavings, then more glitter. Then some of the nib dust. And finally, some more glitter.

final deer collage

She was quite adamant that she didn’t want to fill him in completely, and that he needed lots of glitter blobs on his face but in the end I think she did quite a good job of creating something that looked a bit like it was supposed to and, thanks to a random blob of glitter actually looked a little like a deer from a story after all – something even her teacher picked up on!

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