Crafting with Bunny

Bunny’s nursery is attached to an infant school and as such, has a much more structured feel to it than I would expect from a pre-school group. This term, I was invited to go in and meet her teacher to discuss her progress – a parent’s evening in essence!  Beforehand, we were given a sheet of paper to use as a basis for demonstrating what Bunny liked to do outside of nursery.  I knew what her answer would be, but asked her anyway: “Going out somewhere ‘citing!”, she replied, jumping up and down.  So the challenge in front of me, was how to translate that onto an A4 sheet of paper?  A collage of photos from the “’citing” places we’d been?  It didn’t seem very interactive though, and I was pretty sure the point of the exercise was to encourage us to sit down together and create something.

Glue, paper, scissors, crepe paper

Getting the bits we needed for our project

I looked through our craft box and found some coloured tissue paper and thought we could use it to create an outdoors scene.  Bunny liked the idea, so we sat down at the kitchen table one afternoon, surrounded by paints, glue, tissue paper, glitter paint, shiny bits, raffia and scissors.

Sticking crepe paper

Stick the green paper over the edge of the black paper to create grass next to the road

We started by cutting a strip of green tissue paper out, and then another one from black paper.  I put some glue on the paper and Bunny stuck them down to create a road and grass.  She then cut up the green raffia into smaller pieces and I smeared glue across the green paper so that she could stick the raffia down and give the grass some texture.

Sticking raffia and using a glitter pen

Sticking the raffia onto the grass and then marking out the road with a glitter pen

Next she used a glitter pen to draw lines on the road and then spent lots of time painting her outdoor scene onto the white spaces left.

Child painting

Using water paints to create a ‘citing outdoor scene

Apparently, there was a scooter, a bike, ice creams and even a dinosaur flying through the sky!  I love how the little mind works and translates ideas onto paper in what appears to be a meaningless mess of paint!

Sticking shiny shapes

Sticking shapes to the grass to make it more exciting

Finally, we took some of the shiny shapes and stuck them to the grass to make it more fun and then left it to dry.

It may not be the most amazing creation ever, but it was fun and certainly achieved the objective of sitting down and working together to make something.  It was also a good use of fine motor skills, with the cutting and sticking and helped her use her imagination to create a scene on the backdrop.

Child's painting

The final masterpiece!

Neither of us is going to win any arts and crafts awards, but it is nice to set aside some time to do something like this together occasionally – even if it doesn’t constitute “going somewhere ‘citing”!