Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival

I first heard about Christmas tree festivals last year, but unfortunately didn’t get along to see one. So this year, I was determined to try harder. We’ve had a quiet week with Bunny’s ear infection making her a bit floppy and grouchy at times, so needed to get out today, but without it being too much.¬†As my wrist has been starting to hurt again, I also decided to have a car-free day and the weather for once, was on my side!

christmas tree choir

We walked the mile into the local village, stopping for a sandwich en route. Bunny was surprised when a passer-by commented that it was a lovely day for a picnic. I don’t think she realised that eating a sandwich on a park bench counts as a picnic, but seemed to like the idea that it was!

Christmas tree festival

We headed into the church and there were trees lining the aisles, all decorated by local businesses and community groups. The church organ was in full pelt as we wandered around, marvelling at the different displays.

Christmas tree festival

There were so many beautiful colours and themes used and it felt as though we’d stumbled on a secret as we inspected each tree, the pervading meditative air of the church negating the public viewing aspect.

Christmas tree festival florist

My favourite tree was by the local florist and the vicar was on hand to surprise us with the “ice” that was actually a gel as a sensory delight.

Frostie tree

There were some great other entries too, including one that played on the Frosties theme and another from the school I work at which had a maths theme – now why couldn’t maths have been fun when I was at school?!

Singer in church

Away in a Manger, but not as we know it!

Before we left, Bunny heard the announcement that a lady was going to sing a lesser known version of Away in the Manger so insisted we sit down to listen, having just learnt it for her school nativity. Unfortunately, she was less than impressed with the different tune and additional verses and even refused to clap, she was so affronted! It did make me giggle.

Angel in graveyard


On the way home, I decided to take a different route so that we could walk through the graveyard. It meant crossing a field and taking a very muddy path afterwards, but was more fun than just walking along the road!

And then we were home again, ready to warm up and eat cake. Another Christmas must-do ticked off my list. And even better, the local dog-training school had a tree with contact details there, so we can now move forward with some puppy obedience classes!

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