The Return of Mo and Fenton

elf snowy footprints

If you’ve been reading for a while, or follow me on Instagram, you may remember that each year, we have two Christmas elves come to stay to help make the countdown to the big day more fun.

christmas elf door

Mo and Fenton arrive through a tiny elf door that magically appears in the skirting board of our living room. They also bring an advent calendar for each of the girls.

When Bunny realised it was nearly December, she suddenly got really excited as she remembered that the elves come in December. She told everyone she saw all about them and all the naughty things they do and how much she hoped they’d come again this year. On Monday morning, she woke up early, desperate to get downstairs to see if they were here, but unfortunately, her sister had chosen to have a very rare lie-in! Eventually, though, she woke up and they could finally go and check for visitors.

christmas elves here

Their delight was heard from many miles away when they discovered these two sat on the bookshelf waiting for them, their snowy footprints leading from the elf door that brings them from ‘Magicland’ as Bunny calls it.

Opening Advent Calendar

And then they spotted the advent calendars, hanging surreptitiously on the back of the door, little squeals of joy marking their steps as they ran towards it. Bunny sensibly reminded Bear that they could only look in the number 1 pocket as it was the first day of December and with some help, little hands probed inside the little sacks to pull out a chocolate coin and activity card.

letter to santa cursive writing

As they munched on their pre-breakfast chocolate treat, Bunny carefully read out the words on the card. Day one told them to write to Santa and the elves had helpfully brought special letter paper for them to do this on. After a busy day at school, followed by play at a friend’s house, Bunny eventually had time to sit down and write her letter. And impressed even me with her improved cursive writing and not too shoddy spelling!

letter to santa

Meanwhile, Bear told me what to write on hers and I transcribed it word for word. The next morning, the letters were put in stamped envelopes and sent to a very special address in the hope they arrive in time.

Elf Mischief 1

In the meantime, the elves had been getting up to their now expected mischief and had been playing doctors with the dolls. Although this isn’t really mischief but it is fun to see what they get up to at night while we’re all sleeping.

Elf Mischief 2

On night two, they decided to have a game of Snakes and Ladders, much to Bear’s glee when she spotted them this morning.

fairy cakes

The girls’ second advent activity was to bake cakes with their mum after school and judging by the chocolatey faces I met on returning from work, it’s safe to say this was enjoyed by all. Even more so when the cakes were ready to be eaten!

Christmas Elves and Friends

So the fun has begun! What else do these lovely little elves have in store for us this year? Stay tuned to find out!

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3 comments on “The Return of Mo and Fenton
  1. Amy says:

    Mo and Fenton look like lots of fun! I hope they behave themselves this year 🙂 definitely looking forward to seeing more of their antics as the month goes on!

  2. Oh, hello Mo and Fenton – so lovely to see them again! They are so cute, and I love how keen and excited the girls were on finding them. Lovely writing from Bunny, and liking the activities ideas – I might try something similar with Marty. Look froward to seeing their adventures 🙂 Thanks for joining in again with #ElfTakeover

  3. Awww Mo & Fenton are so cute! Their antics look very light hearted so far, looking forward to seeing what they get up to!

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