Christmas Countdown: The Christmas Elves are coming

Christmas Countdown: The Christmas Elves are coming
Elf mischief

Inspired by the Elf on a Shelf idea, we have two Christmas elves come to stay for the month of December.  Fenton (after the viral Richmond Park dog from 2011) and Mo (named after everyone’s favourite Olympian of 2012) arrive on the first of the month and get up to all sorts of mischief while they’re here. They tend to be very well behaved all day long, and then, once we’ve gone to bed, they suddenly come to life and do all sorts of naughty things.

Elf painting

They paint some selfie’s

Elf racing

They have races with the other toys

Elves abseiling

They build cushion mountains and then abseil down them

Elves in a tangle

They play with the Christmas decorations

Puzzled elves

They do jigsaw puzzles

Elf portrait

They take “Elf” Portraits!

Hitching a ride

They hitch a ride

We have lots of fun trying to come up with new ideas for Mo and Fenton to do overnight that will enthrall the girls in the morning when they come downstairs. We don’t really subscribe to the threats of “be good or else Santa won’t come” side of the Elf on a Shelf idea as Christmas is going to happen regardless of any naughty behaviour in the weeks prior. At least it would take something pretty serious for it to be cancelled which I’m hoping a four and a two year old won’t be guilty of!

Homemade advent calendar

Toilet rolls can be pretty!

When they arrive, they come with their own passport, a letter from Santa and a gift of some Christmas pyjamas and the advent calendars. This year, they will also have their own special elf entrance to the house with a little fairy door I’ve bought to stick on the skirting board.

As I mentioned yesterday, I love this side of Christmas as it reinforces the magical side of it all for my children and gives me lots of opportunities to help create it!I’ll be posting about the mischief they’ve been up to each day, so watch this space, but in the meantime, there’s a whole network of bloggers that are joining in the elf fun using the #ElfTakeover bloghop. There’s also an Elf on the Shelf Pinterest page with lots of great ideas of fun to be had.

Please share your Elf antics using the #ElfTakeover hashtag too or let me know if you have some great ideas to share.

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2 comments on “Christmas Countdown: The Christmas Elves are coming
  1. Those photos are brilliant! Like you, I’m not going in for the ‘best be good’ side of it, more the magic & fun. Looking forward to seeing what Mo & Fenton (great names!) get up to & thanks for the #ElfTakeover mention x

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